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    Meaning of Tamil word Chellam

    The word Chellam is often used in most of the Tamil conversations and many Tamil songs are having the word Chellam. What is the exact Meaning of Tamil word Chellam?
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    The word chellam is used to call our dear ones whom we don't want to miss. There is nothing like only a particular relationship should use this.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Chellam is the word mostly and often used word by Tamil people. It is like to call the loved one and dear ones.

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    Chellam means favourite.

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    Chellam means too affectionate, loving and caring . The word is mainly used by parents while addressing their children, because they are the affectionate and lovely to their parents. Now a days anyone who is very affectionate are addressed as Chellam. A husband to his wife, A Boy friend to his Girlfriend, between affectionate lovers, After all this has become a eve teasing word towards girls.

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    Indeed a very detailed and clear explanation on the word Chellam by Mr.Meenakshi Sundaram.

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    Dear friends,

    The word Chellam is very famous in Tamil. The word Chellam got more famous by the tamil film "KILLI" in which Mr.Prakash Raj used the word Chellam frequently to call his lover. There is no exact meaning for the word chellam in tamil.

    We can assume that the word chellam to call the person that we are having more affection on them whether the person is either male or female. Some peoples are using the word chellam to call the children with affection.

    with regards,

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    Hi Mr.Manoharan a small correction the film naem was "GHilli" and not "KILLI", may be spelling mistake which was missed out.

    There is even a film in tamil itself named "Chellam" for a bit of additional information.

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    One mistake in my previous post on this thread instead of name i have typed as "naem", regret for the same.

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    the word cheellam is a pet name in tamil.

    this is similiar to the word darling in english.

    few people use this word instead of dear also.
    with regards,

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    Hi guys,
    chellam is a tamil word that used to call your friends, girl friend, boy friend, son, daughter, wife, lover to make them happy.This word deliver their affection to their dear one. Everyone needs someone to call by this word. In Hindi you may heard about the word yaar its similar to like that. You can use this word who ever you like. When you use this word it makes them happy.


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