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    Political drama, people silent spectators

    Wow,now all that the stage is set for the political dramas. The actors are ready as heroes, villains to play the part.The spectators are the common citizen,I can call it "We". Till our franchises at our hands, we are the rightful and fully respected citizens. Once it has gone to the ballot boxes, hee,hee, boxes are now desolate, now the electronic push button machine have been replaced; for heaven sake, for whose sake we don't know, really we don't know.As far as Indian Election Commission are very wise now.The are learning one, to maintain our secular democracy.

    We should ask a question, very interesting. The election polling date is April 13,
    and the counting date is May 13 falling on Friday. I am not afraid of all these
    superstitions and omens. I am free from all these obsessions. What of those who are born on Friday 13, and at Rahu Kalam, the day is considered inauspicious?Such genre also healthy,wealthy and happy life.

    Obsession is something is bad for some people, some are afraid to poll on April 13, and some are afraid that the votes are counted on May 13 Friday!!! Appaadaa...
    But we should shun all these superstitious mind blogs. If we want to win the world, we should be ready to work hard at any time, any where, success is ours.

    "Ok......What ma you started the topic with political drama, you inserted words like in auspicious and superstition and bad omens...what are all these useless jargons...what is your message here?"

    My message?

    None should believe unwanted, haunted minds called superstitions, since that would be a big road block to our life.

    Look I have been playing with words, this is also my drama.Wow!!!
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    In this present world the people became only the spectators only for a particular time. When the time comes they give the right decision.

    Its difficult to read the people's mind. the correct result will be always given by the people.

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Hello Shafee,
    I would say that the people are confused with the acts of the political parties. There are lots of superstitions that are believe in the modern day that make the life of the people a mere impossibility. The superstitions have entered almost all the field and one has become slaves of the superstitions by adopting them, Though the superstitions were made and the poll counting started on may 13 it led to the fall of one party and the rise of another party. I would say that the mind of the people are unstable and they simply sell their votes for cash which proves ultimately wrong when the people are treated in the same manner by the politicians after they become the ruling party.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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