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    Tamil - writing & pronunciation - continuation

    Just want share my thought on this.

    Writting:It should be written as Tamil' only.
    Our state is always referred as Tamilnadu not as 'Tamizhnadu'

    Pronounciation: Even we can mention it as Tamil as 'Tamil' because the non-tamil members will find hard to read that word and may pronounce it as 'ta-me-z-h' and there is no rule to mention it has 'Tamizh'

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    I welcome your comment on this!!
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    Hi Ananth,

    Good one.But,in my view it must be pronounced as 'Tamizh'.


    1."zh" in thamizh is special sound.In tamizh language only this 'zh'-garam comes.Its speciality of Language.

    S.Karthik Kumaran

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    Hai Ana

    Tamil language is an old Dravidian language. It is very difficult to predict the age of Tamil language.
    You can pronounce Tamil or Tamizh, but the pleasantness of Tamil is always enjoyable.


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    I appreciate your comments/view!!

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    You cannot change the pronounciation of non tamil people just by putting zh in place of l. So, tamil is the best. Generally it is found that non tamil people pronouce TAMIZH as ta-me-s. So, it can go worse than now.
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