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    Discuss: Do you think there will be an alliance in Tamil Nadu assembly elections 2011 in between AI

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think there will be an alliance in Tamil Nadu assembly elections 2011 in between AIADMK and Congress?'.
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    DMK is not leaving cong so far.It leaves a thread to cong to come with new proposal thereby telling them we are not leaving you.Cong also need DMK help.If they go to admk will it allot 63 seats is a million dollar question.So without taking risk it can adjust with dmk.So both of them acting interestingly.They should give resignations to the president.If PM forward them to the president and when they are accepted then only we can believe the resignation drama.

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    Sure there is no chance that ADMK will allot 63 seats, but the impact will be more for every party opposing congress. If we review the past elections we can easily predict that without congress alliance they can't win the elections.

    During 1991:

    ADMK alliance with Congress Won the elections and ruled tamilnadu

    During 1996:

    DMK alliance with TMC (Moopanar) won the elections and ruled tamilnadu

    During 2001:
    ADMK alliance with TMC and Congress won the elections and ruled tamilnadu

    During 2006:
    DMK alliance with congress won the elections and ruled tamilnadu.
    See the current scenario, What's wrong to ask 63 seats by congress in the alliance. 14 lakhs youth congress members added fresh blood to congress.

    DMK enjoyed 7 years of ministryship in central and now acting drama and said about their principles. people must think about the money corruptions handled by central ministers of tamilnadu.

    Congress gave ministries for DMK and all are powerful positions. But DMK don't want to share ministers with Congress. Actually the Minority DMK may lose its confidence during 2008 itself when Ramadoss came out from the alliance. But congress unanimously supported DMK that's why they freely ruled congress. If congress demands that time DMK party will be thrown out from the state.

    If the central ministers of DMK want to resign they can do it immediately. They just want to threaten congress and sat in delhi and waiting for the progress.

    All DRAMA

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