India vs Ireland match

Hi friends,
India Vs Ireland on Coming Sunday(6-3-2011) Time : 2.30pm At: M Chinnaswamy Stadium situated in Bangalore


India has good batting line and middle order batsman's performance was entirely good and also the openers contribution were more helpful to won the match.

But for upcoming match, our openers "little master" and "Thrashing hitter" will start in very perfectly then only our team will give trouble to the Ireland bowlers and our players especially in bowlers most concentrate on to deliver their very good effort and to control the Ireland batsman's batting.

Our team will concentrate on fielding area because it was very poor so only the opponent team scored most equivalent to India, and our players were missed some of the catches and run-outs. so our players are more and most concentrate on bowling and fielding area. We need another one best fast bowler then only India will survive on this world cup.


Ireland has good in bat , field, and bowl so they will put more effort and will give lot of trouble to the Indian team and also one hitting master who have scored quick 100 against England on last match "Kevin'o Brain". He may be the key for the Ireland so Ireland is very strong and also they were refreshed and eagerly wait for the matches.

Whatever it may be, on coming India vs Ireland match will be interested and also both team have put more effort to beat their opponents so upcoming this match very interested so we are also wait and let we see what will happen. India continue their history or lesson for this match anyway my heartiest all the best to our players......