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    Important Update - Rs75 day | Winner of Member of day Award (MOD) - March 2011 winner list

    Hello Members,
    We are continuing Member of Day (MOD) award in March too. But please note the new updated criteria and it will be followed very strictly.

    March 2011 Winners
    1. Day 1 - 01.03.2011 - None
    2. Day 2 - 02.03.2011 - None
    3. Day 3 - 03.03.2011 - Winner is Gowthami
    4. Day 4 - 04.03.2011 - None
    5. Day 5 - 05.03.2011 - None
    6. Day 6 - 06.03.2011 - None
    7. Day 7 - 07.03.2011 - None
    8. Day 8 - 08.03.2011 - None
    9. Day 9 - 09.03.2011 - Winner is Gowthami
    10. Day 10 - 10.03.2011 - Winner is Bhisma Narayan Rout
    11. Day 11 - 11.03.2011 - Winner is Sudhakar
    12. Day 12 - 12.03.2011 - None
    13. Day 13 - 13.03.2011 - None
    14. Day 14 - 14.03.2011 - Winner is Kranthi Kiran
    15. Day 15 - 15.03.2011 - None
    16. Day 16 - 16.03.2011 - Winner is Vathsala
    17. Day 17 - 17.03.2011 to 26. Day 26 - 26.03.2011to - None

    Important Note: MOD new updated criteria

    Updated Criteria - 1 : The members are required to write specific topics mentioned every week. We will give current hot topics(6) every week and we expect him to to write any any 2 out of 3 compulsory resources. This can increase the site value and your personal earnings. These resources on the particular mentioned topic will be valued high.

    Topics for for March 28th to April 3rd:
    Do not search for topics, Just contact me at urskranthi.kiran[at]gmail[dot]com, I have enough topics for you. I am increasing MEMBER DAY AWARD to Rs 75 effective form today. I just need minimum of 4 resources on below mentioned topics daily.

    Tamilnadu Assembly elections 2011
    IPL-4 Chennai Super Kings : May it be player profiles, matches of CSK, History is CSK team, performance over past 3 IPL's, anything related to Chennai Super Kings.
    Summer camps in Chennai/Tamilnadu
    Coaching schools/Special training programmes in Summer in Tamilnadu
    School admissions/College admissions
    • If you are willing to write on old topics like Tamilnadu Tourism, Shopping malls accross Tamilnadu, you can carry on. But please inform me before because I may not consider them in MOD.

    Apart for this you can write normal resources.

    Post your feedback.

    MOD - January 2011 Winners list

    MOD - Febraury 2011 Winners list
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    Dear Kranthi,

    The amount increased for the MOD Programme is an appreciated activity and It will increase the article posting in the respective area regularly.
    Even the amount for MOD has been increased, but many peoples including me are not able to present more articles as per the list of topics given by you. The only thing is that the time scarcity. If the time permits us, we people like me definitely post many articles and win the MOD regularly.

    The persons like me are doing the article posting process in Tamil Spider as a part time work. We can't spent more time to put the articles due to the regular office work.Anyway, We assure you that we will post the articles and other forum messages in our Tamil Spider as much as possible by us.

    Thanking you,

    With Regards,

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