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    Give your ideas to reduce traffic in metrocities like Chennai

    Metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore has heavy traffic. People in those cities face lot and lot of problems due to traffic. Office going people have to get start from home at least before 2 hours, even their office is being within 10kms. To reduce traffic give your valuable suggestions like.

    1. Two wheelers should give lift to one person
    2. Four wheelers whould give lift atleast three persons.
    3. No vehicles will go with free sheets, no need to give lift morethan than the sheet capacity.
    4. Each school should not have morethan 3 to 5 buses. (There should be a limit depends upon the school's students strength)
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    Commission percentage or govt policy towards development produce innumerable vehicles but roads are not developed proportionate to the vehicles.There should be a scientific calculation - how many people are living,using roads ,necessity of people .According to that vehicles should be allowed by law.If this is followed by strict vigilance there will be accidents at minimal levels .This aspect we often do not think because we think it is not a practical one . But basic is this only.Above that the licencing pattern to the vehicles and drivers come.In this also there Kamals,Sendhils and Koudamanis as in Indian .
    We should follow general transport system to avoid accidents .That is all men like ministers ,officers ,MLAs should use buses to go anywhere of their needs .it will minimise vehicles that ply on roads and if so the decision makers will understand what is happening around them or to the general public.This system would bring people into one family,their ego would be shed away .If well planned it could be managed the urgency of the people in the positions could be answered by fixing the numbers of stages /non stop/point to point etc .So it is a practical one .
    But powers would not allow. So be patient to read the deaths as hearing cricket running commentary .Don't think as humans who met accidents take them as numbers.What can we do if we ourselves met with accidents ?It is a good question and there is ready made answer we always have.IT is Fate ; Avanandri Anuvum asaiyadhu ...Enjoy accidents and deaths

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    When the government focus on the sophisticated road travel with lower rates, then the people will not plan to use their individual transport and also they will plan to go on the government transport. The condition of the bus in Chennai are not at all proper. If an employee goes in a Government bus to his office, then at the moment he reaches his office there will be some necessity to take bath again and wear a new dress. This is how today's situation. They are completely squeezed in the government buses. The main problem for the increase in Traffic in Chennai is because of the increase of the Individual vehicle in the road instead of the Government vehicles. If the Government is providing option to the public to use the sophisticated government bus only, then there will not be any necessity for his individual transport.

    The Two wheelers think that they are very small in size and moreover they can get in between the vehicles in the traffic and easily reach the destination very quick. Government also gives some options to use the public transport system instead of their own transport. When the petrol rates are increased then a normal family person leaves his own transport and uses government transport. This is how the changes have to be made. If these changes are made then the traffic can be reduced. The fly overs under construction also reduce the road length and thus creating traffic. So if they are finished then the traffic can be easily removed.

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