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    National Anthem

    Share your views on How many of us to sing our National Anthem without errors or to know the National Anthem lyrics without mistakes.
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    In general the National Anthem is thought in the School in the prayer time or specially. This is thought in the vocal manner so that due to our young age there is no possibility that people can easily learn that without mistake. But in school, they used to train us without any mistakes only. In our School Hand Book the National Anthem will be provided with the correct lyrics and we will be asked to read it with that proper pronunciation. So if this is done then it will be easy for all the children to learn National Anthem Correctly.

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    First of all, We should be proud to be Indians. So, being Indians definitely we know our National Anthem. But the question here is as you said how many of us knows it properly like without any mistakes in the lyrics. Coming to that point, i agree that few people are not aware of the lyrics properly which includes school going kids also. But this problem can be easily verridden. Because, we have our National Anthem from our school days itself. Where it is also being printed in our school diary. So,with that patriotism we should learn our National Anthem. National Anthem Of India written by Rabindrantah Tagore.

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    Patriotism means Jana gana mana .So it should be correct.It is printed in all the books and dairies.Taught by teachers and used continuously .so all school going children and educated are singing it correctly to maximum level.we can be proud.
    But i feel that the national pride should be not ceremonially .Its essence should be inseparable in our thoughts.So nationality should be a feeling like hungry ,thirsty etc.For that the nation should make all the citizens feel satisfaction of being its citizens.In this period 70% of the families have to live with 20 rupees per day per head for their food and other expenditures.Would they feel pride of being indians .We should not compel them feel Indians artificially .We can not charge them as non patriotic. Ritually we all /maximum chanting the slogans but without essence in our mind .This should be changed.We are having as indians many prides but it should reach all the downtrodden .Then only it would be meaningful

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