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    Valentine day special: love yourself


    Valentine Day is nearing fast, the most important question is "How much you love yourself?". You are your own worst enemy, if you don't not love yourself. First,Understand you,your nature,circumstances and practice to love yourself. Self-love happens when you understand what you are and what is important for you. Love is not definable easily,it is mystery but have certain characteristics. But self-love is a consuming passion for your own happiness. Self-love is based on who you are and what you value for you and what you want is the matter.

    • Self loving people will focus on feeling good.

    • Self loving people will allow themselves in happy mode and share with others.

    • Most of the time,enjoyment is the primary goal for Self loving people

    • They care for others

    • They don't mistreatment others.

    • They find good thoughts, feelings and practice the same.

    With the above quality they succeed in life.

    Hence,try ourself to have above quality in our life and be a successful person.
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    Hi Srinisan,

    Yes, you are absolutely right. Each person should love themselves. Because they understand more about them and it helps to understand others also easily. This will also help us to maintain good relationship with others without any enimity. Valentines day is not celebrated only for lovers. It is a special day where you can share your love with all.
    There is a Quote in which it describes "Be Happy and Make others happy." So, let's start spreading the smile in others and make them happy.

    Surya Selvaraj

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    Valentines day is the day not only to spend with your lovers but the day to share your feelings to your beloved ones. As far considered in the part of love it is better to have a nice contact with your lover in all means of sharing your love to your counterpart. Lovers are to be connected by heart and it is the real truth behind the Valentines day so for regarded as Lovers Day in the localities of India. Share your love with everyone so that you can spread happiness in everyones heart and even in the heart of your againsters.

    Love makes Lyf Beautiful.

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    A priest namely Valentine opposed the govt's orders not to marry /give birth to his countrymen.Against nature it ,the order naturally was opposed by the citizen,.The Father defiantly arranged for marriages and got punished by the govt.
    So this day is for hailing nature and symbol of struggle defending humanity.So love pannunga Sir,vendangala .Barathi told Aadhalinal kadhal seyveer ulagaththeere

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