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    Are Astrologic Predictions are Important?

    Hi people,

    Especially in India,we Give Importance to Astrological Phenomena.In each and Every Aspect we see Raagu Kaalam,Yama kandam and everythin.. is that really matters?

    S.Karthik Kumaran
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    Astrology has been the part and parcel of Indian Lifestyle and the society. Astrology has the meaning that it is 50 percent true and 50 percent false. It is just the probablity distribution. But Inidans have strong faith in Astrology. To me everytime is a good time to do right and good thing. These times are not really the true one but it is devised on the fact of old indian vedas as the time to do work.Man has ro understand that he should learn while learning, work while he should work and play while he should play and this is the Astrology.

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    Astrology never fails. But now there is lot of cheaters who said false Astrology, they used astrology illegal. So Astrology predictions my missed. If you have strong believe in fate or destiny ultimately you have believe in Astrology.


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    Literacy not giving knowledge.They are not educated.only literate in schools and in colleges.Reasoning sense is not used properly and believe astrology.There is a confusion between astronomy and astrology.Some educated think that astrology was developed into astronomy.Astrology is based on nine planets -but they include sun,moon as planets not neptune and pluto .Moreover doctors say that the time of birth of children are not accurate as they finishing the formalities and after that only recording the time .But depending on this birth time only astrology is calculated.So they are not scientific or dependable.
    But people are having many problems in their lives which they could not solve themselves.So they want somehow to sigh from their problems .so they choose astrology and get satisfaction and go to next work.Thus it helps them to escape(? ) from their problems .So it gets root in our lives.We should develop scientific approach in all our deeds and teach others to follow reasoning methods.

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    In the olden days the Astrology was considered as one of the important value of the Human life and there were also no particular necessity to go for the Astrology and all. The main reason for that was, everyone's life were moving smooth and fine. But nowadays due to some people the astrology is commercialized. Because of certain people who are not practicing Astrology properly, the values of astrology is getting reduced nowadays. In the olden days the astrology was seen only for some special occasions and especially in the marriage. It was actually seen for the planetary positions of the bride and the groom so that to decide whether they are fit to marry and lead a happy life or not.

    In today's world the demand of the people is increasing day by day in all the aspects. With the increase in the demand of the people, they plan to do everything looking after the astrologer. If the astrologer that a person is approaching is not of great use then the people get a mind set that the astrology is just a scam and not real. But the original fact is that, people who are just sitting under the tree are just telling that they are astrology experts and get money from people and go. It is also proved in olden scripts that with the help of astrology we can even predict the death of a person. But a good astrologer will not do that and he is not allowed to do that.

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