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    Valentine day celebration in Tamilnadu


    Valentine Day is being celebrated on 14th February every year, in India particularly major cities are attracted with this new celebration, not belongs to our Nation. Still we Indian impressed with this Valentine Day for showing affection and love to the loved one. It is not only spread across the major cities but also it slowly attracting in rural area too. The reason may be fast growing culture changes in India as well as it is mainly increases the business of florist,Gift shops, Restaurants. Many attracting offers from Gift shops, Restaurants are being displayed through various media to woo the Youngsters to celebrate the Valentine Day.

    The minds of Indian youngsters to old age is changing according to the current culture changes, fast developing technology and media to expose everything,is the another aspect of this celebration. Gone are the days, you express your feelings & affections to your loved one in closed door. Now the changing world has changed the minds of the Indians to express it in public and transparency in everywhere is new mantra. You can't blame it anyone it is you accept it.
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    According to me, Celebrating Valentine's day will not make a healthy society.
    Now a days lots of nuisance are happening in the name of celebrating the events like new year and valentine's day.
    And i dont know how the society allows it to grow.
    Spend time with your loved ones in your family.

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    Happy Valentine's Day to all.

    Celebrating Valentine's days will make relationship happy. But it should be in a decent manner. It will not affect our culture. Now a days this celebration highly irretating other people who are not interested in this kind of celebrations. Expressing Love and affection is not a bad thing.

    Anyone can express their love to another. But it will not hurt or disturb others.

    Valentine's days is not only for Lovers....Each and every beloved couples even they were in their 60's and above.Like New year resoultion, here's a Valentine's day resolution that a couple can make and renew every year.

    1. Make partner happy by spending more time with her/him.
    2. Write a letter atleast once in a moth to share your feelings.
    3. Eat together atleast once in a day.
    4. Spend your weekends with your partner


    Vathsala R.

    Vathsala R.

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    We don't need Valentines day. Western Countries are very clever and they are using our country for marketing purpose by introducing these kind of days. We don't need a special day for our lovable ones. oly nuisance are increasing in the name of Valentines day
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    A priest namely Valentine opposed the govt's orders not to marry /give birth to his countrymen.Against nature it ,the order naturally was opposed by the citizen,.The Father defiantly arranged for marriages and got punished by the govt.
    So this day is for hailing nature and symbol of struggle defending humanity.So love pannunga Sir,vendangala .Barathi told Aadhalinal kadhal seyveer ulagaththeere
    It is needless that valetine's day come from foreign country.Many inventions are used by us without hesitation as they are useful to us.Likewise this day is also help us to break the barriers like caste,religion, language and sometimes nations .Manuda samudram nanenru koovu -Barathidasan.. Thus it develops humanity.Let us all welcome
    Regarding the limitation ,it should not be only to the valentines day to all the functions festivals it should be adhered to

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