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    How to relax our self in a critical situation?
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    Mind relaxation is possible in critical situation too. You have to do Yoga or Meditation or Prayer, by regular practicing only it is possible of mind relaxation.

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    Just forget about the critical situation for a while and listen to music or play with kids or talk with a friend who is a well wisher to you.
    Then your mind will be cleared and you can take a good decision for the sitation. It is true.

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    Self Relaxation is very very difficult to practice.

    First we should analyse our problem. Why you are in this critical suitation.. How it comes. Who is the creator of this problem. Most of the time the problem is OURSELF. Lot of our problems comes on because of our reactions against the suitation. This is leads us to stress and metal depression.

    First try to increase the skill of clamnesss.
    Don't react when you were in critical suitation. Eg. If you boss is in very tension and scolding you for a unwated reason. dont reply listening to him clamly.
    To forget that critical suitation involving yourself to some other interesting work
    Listening to music, Playng with kids, talk to your lovable friends etc..
    Pray , Yoga or Some other Breathing control techniques
    Unwanted tension may cause Hiper Tension, Stress. To avoid these problems. Practice Yoga or breathing control techniques.
    Try to avoid the same suitation in future
    Self analysing is very very important in self relaxation. Analyse the problem cearly to find out what is the corrections to be made in our manner to avoid the same suitation in future.
    Don't hesitate to abologies
    If we made mistake to hesitate to say "SORRY". This powerful word will reduce all of your tension.

    Don't be like a stone.. Be like a Breeze air.

    Vathsala R.

    Vathsala R.

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    To have a relaxation and peace of mind you doesn't need to do meditation or prayer but the thing you can do is to go out and have fun of playing and enjoy to the utmost extent. This really helps to have fitness and refreshes your mind to the most needed freshness.This is the one thing that even all can do and a special thing who cannot control their mind as the game spirit gives single mindedness.


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    Critical situation attracts your attention towards its resolving.So Analysing it properly ,getting experts help ,facing the problem with determination and solving is the solution to relax.Escapism would give only temporary relief .So face problems.Then problems will have problems

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