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    Discuss: The celebration of the Valentines day is good for Indian culture or not?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'The celebration of the Valentines day is good for Indian culture or not?'.
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    Definitely Valentines day is not good for India and its culture.
    Suresh Kumar R.
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    LOve is not new in our culture.All the cultural activities were new at one stage.So accept this also.After all it breaks caste,religion,language,nation,colour like barriers in mankind.It was started by a priest to oppose the autocratic ruling of his govt not to make love ,marriage and giving birth to a child.So it has a genuineness we should appreciate.Cultural policemen against this dayare like talibans which we should no allow to grow

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    I think this Valentine day came knowledge in India only in recent past and it completely imported culture from the west. They have lots of free time and money to enjoy this kind of celebrations, where as Indian people are supposed to slog for their livelihood daily and these kinds of celebrations only vindicate our half knowledge of culture.
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    We are accepting advance technologies and we have to accept this culture change too. No other option, as Young India is ahead in all advanced knowledge and why not this culture change. You see, you import everything and alongwith this the culutre too comes. No way you can deny this change. But, Honestly we should not forget our culture and try to do somthing to keep alive !!!

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    Nowadays, the whole world becoming a global village. Under these circumstances no festival or culture is restricted to some particular people. Almost all Indian festivals are celebrated at various countries and in the same way some festivals of western culture are also celebrated in India. All festivals have its own identity and pleasure. In my point of view, celebrating valentines day is not at all spoil the Indian culture. The only thing is that the 'Valentines day' should be celebrated with its own limit and it should not be exceeded at any cost. So, no festival is wrong but we, who celebrate make it wrong.
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    I think the celebration of Valentines Day is not needed for our society. We live in Tamilnadu, a land which is famus for its customs and traditions. Celebrating this day is against our culture. As Tamilians we have to preserve our culture.

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    Why we celebrate deepavali? It is a festival.
    So why we not agree the day " Valentines day "?
    Think about it. It is also one of the festival.
    All person should have been loving any one in their life. Who got that person in his life. That person celebrate Valentines day. Who didn't got that loved one, He wil change against of Valentines day.
    These are facts are determind right or wrong about Valentines day celebration in our culture.

    My opnion is, Valentines day is must need our culture.

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