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    How did my thread got deleted without info

    Dear Webmaster/Editor,

    How did my threads got deleted..?

    I had posted 3 threads yesterday(24-Jan-2011):
    1) Self Introduction - Deleted
    2) Problem regarding attachment while posting thread - Deleted
    3) Problem regarding Explore content - alive

    What happened..? why..?
    And why did this happened without any prior notice or info..?
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    Even few of my posts got deleted, I accept that there should be some genuine reason to delete the post.But I would suggest that it will be helpful for us to correct our mistakes if the "Reason" is published as alerts or through other means when we are logged in.

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    Hello Tamizh Iniyan,
    From threads without proper description will be deleted. For the post "Problem regarding attachment while posting thread", I have seen that you have attached the photo in the next post. Explore Content throwing Irrelated Content topics So, there is no reason to answer back to that post!

    I have seen the same with many forum posts have polls which are not required at all. DO NOT create polls for all the posts you have created. Hope you follow it!

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Dear Webmaster,

    If you weren't clear with my statement, then you should have reply for that post.

    Even if you have genuine reason, you should not delete my threads without prior notice.

    First, you should have replied with your answer as per your understanding. if your answer is correct/acceptable, then, you could remove the same.

    Thread Name# Problem regarding attachment while posting thread
    My Problem Statement: cant able to add attachment while creating thread. am able to attach file only while reply for the post. i have attached only on reply.

    Rules are acceptable. but without understanding the problem, deleting the thread is not acceptable.

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    I have posted a thread under category: Self Introduction.

    Thread Name# தமிழுக்கு அறிமுகம்
    and complete post in tamizh.

    where did u find im-proper description in that thread. and why it has been deleted..?

    then, why keeping the notice.. that now, TSR members can post thread in Tamizh..?

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    Dear Tamizh Iniyan,
    Our Webmaster only does that what is best for the website and for all members. In Posting guidelines it is clearly given that, the title of the posts shouldn't be in regional language and if you want then you have to give both English and Tamil title. And one thing unnecessary and incomplete posts are deleted periodically to free the forum threads cause when new members see that unnecessary posts they will get a bad impression on Tamilspider. I hope you can understand this and try to give posts which are more beneficial for all.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

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    Dear Bhisma Naryan,

    Can you explain, how beneficial you can make your self introduction..?

    Am not talking about archiving / purging. Can you how correct is deleting a thread without understanding the problem statement in it.

    then, Now Check out, can you able to add attachment while creating thread. not while replying for thread.

    Ok. Webmaster had deleted for a genuine reason. How could i know, where did it gone..? Why it was deleted..? Whats the answer for my questions..? Did anyone replied or not..?

    Then, whats the use of a forum with features like,

    1) Sending message from/to any TSR members
    2) Putting Alerts

    Maintaining the public forum is, not only handling the business logics and also understanding members problem from their point of view, try solving it.

    Still no one can't understand. then, i think am in the wrong place.

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    You are able to add attachment to a thread only while replying and not while creating the thread.Is that for which you asking a clarification?Also you need reason why the thread is been deleted? Correct.

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    Dear Tamizh Iniyan

    It depends on the content u r feeding into it.

    And also webmaster has the final authority to keep the posts.

    Long back ago, my posts are also gets deleted without any notification.

    If u are not convinced with this, raise a mail to the authority. They will surely respond to ur complaints/queries


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    Hello everyone,
    The thread is deleted only because the title is in Tamil language. There is not even a single line about the introduction. How can you expect to the thread to be alive? I cleared my self cleared many times that Tamil literature will get accept only when the proper English description. Many people visiting tamilspider may not know Tamil and to be frank I don't want to create a bad impression as soon as they visit.

    And moreover, I don't want forum section to be flooded by unnecessary threads. I gave you a genuine reason for deleting your post. What is a need of question when you already have an answer?

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hello Tamizh Iniyan,
    Our Webmaster had been clarified about your problem and for deleting the
    post. And further if you have any problem you just send message to the webmaster and also I can help you. Contact me at ( Forum should continue that contents which can be understandable universally so from today if you want to post something make its title in English and if you want then you can add tamil title also. Any way just contact me for solving your problem.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

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    I had posted a thread completely in English and its regarding the problem i had faced. It got deleted. I am not asking for my facility, i just tried to point the provided facility is not working.

    Thread Title:
    Problem regarding attachment while posting thread

    Not able to add attachment while creating thread. But the option is there on the page and not working.

    Kranthi Kiran's reply:
    "For the post "Problem regarding attachment while posting thread", I have seen that you have attached the photo in the next post."

    Yes, i had attached but on the reply of the post. i did, because am not able to do so while creating. this was my statement. without understanding this problem and without solving / replying / notice / alert, it has been deleted.

    Is this problem is related to personal? is this not issue related to maintanence of TSR?

    If it works, then it might help the members to describe the issue with screenshot / issue file while creating the thread. it might be more helpful for them describe brief and also with proof. This was my opinion/suggestion.

    Anyway close this issue. close/delete this thread also.
    Because, this(junk, as per you) will also create bad impression upon.. among the precious members and visitors.

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    Hello Tamizh Iniyan,
    Don't Say that the Webmasters and editors are doing wrong things. And there is no partiality. Before you post anything against them just talk with them in Gtalk or other. So It can solve your problem. And just let them go and post good about resources and business and show all that who you are and what can you do. I am sure if you will post at your full strength then you will best among all tamilspider members.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

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    Hello Bhisma,

    Am not saying or pointing out, that they are doing wrong. I can understand, from their point of view its right. Because, Web is the only business tool which will take anything across the globe. while doing such a thing, its good to look at all of these points.

    Am just trying to say is,
    Before deleting if you give a chance to posters/members to point the issue properly by giving a proper response, it will be good for them and all. sure it will create a good relationship between us.

    They(members) might have tried to point some issue in their own words but we(TSR) might have understood from different point. That happens. Its not really such a bad thing, for asking them again about their actual problem to get it clear. this will make them comfortable and feel better, that they were in the right place.

    Ok. lets cut it off. This is just my own opinion. Don't miss understand this too.

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    Hello Tamizh Iniyan,
    You are right from one side but there may be any misunderstanding with you or webmaster. So the solution of this problem is to talk with webmaster personally and if you want just leave the issue and go ahead with your best posts in TSR. Man is a home of mistakes so there may be a mistake from you or other. So my opinion is to post good and if you want you can come to, this is a great website and I am sure you can take part for its development.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

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    Hello Bhisma,

    Thanks for your understanding reply and kindly invitation.

    Here the problem is not mine. am just an representative for TSR members. Now, the decision will be theirs. I dont want to continue this talk. Part of mine is Over.

    Anyway once again thanks for your response. Even if i join with, i can take part only in its development. but i dont think i can support/post related to orissa region (since i dont know anything about orissa).

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