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    Black Money in Foreighn account


    Indian politicians/bureaucrats/businessman have unaccounted Black money in overseas Bank accounts worth $462 billion. The Supreme Court directed the Govt of India to get the details of the same. Our honest P.M. of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh said that "No instant solution for getting back the black money". That means there is instant approval to deposit the black money with Foreighn Banks by politicians/bureaucrats/businessman from CWG, 2G..........etc. Well done by Dr.Manmohanji....

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    Dear friends,

    It is really a very big matter. We have to discuss this in serious. Because it is great problem by investing the amount in foreign bank by earning the money in India.Many big business peoples and others have put their money in this.

    So the list of persons those who put their money there and the amount of money is there and other details about Swiss Bank account holders must be released by the Government.

    Then Necessary steps should be taken to bring the amount to our country and it will be used for the growth of country. In this way, the country ca saved and the persons should be punished.

    with regards,

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    Thanks Mr.Manohar, it is a burning issue in India, the people in power now, the elected members has to be somewhat honest for the Nation and not to favour such a big corruption. I really wonder how come Dr.Manmohan Singh, the honest and well qualified Economist,Ex-FM and exprienced politician with clean backgorund, could hold these big issues taking very lightly?????

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    Well qualified Manmohan.OK.but honest?if he is so he could have bring all the money from foreign banks already.HIS men are depositing money outside of our country.How could he touch it?For years there is continuous struggle from the opposition parties ,trade unions etc to bring the money.In these time they could move it elsewhere safely Closing the stable after running of the horses out of the stable.The culprits are in power .So you can't nothing against them.Money only is not the matter.According to the supreme court how these large amount have been earned ,have they paid tax ,anti national activities behind the earning all should be found and be punished.Will it be done?will they blind themselves with their fingers? Long live democracy

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