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    Will Petrol price hike set to boost diesel car sales?

    The gap between prices of Petrol and Diesel is , now as high as Rs 20 which would add to the rapid growth of sales of diesel-powered vehicles.Even vehicle manufacturing companies are also expected to bring out more vehicles with diesel option. Some officials from top car companies like Maruti, Hyundai and Toyota feel that the shift would happen faster if this price gap continues.
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    Previously the gap was fifty percent. Now the difference between diesel and petrol is very minimal. I do not think hike in petrol will gives rise to more demand for diesel vehicles. And those who are used to petrol vehicles never like to own a diesel vehicles.

    K Mohan

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    Hi Mohan...I didnt tell that people using petrol vehicles will switch to diesel vehicles...My point is people would choose diesel vehicles when compared to buying petrol vehicles due to the price hike.I think its obvious that everyone would switch to cheap and a best deal.

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    Yes people will surely opt to goto diesel cars for their travel purposes instead of petrol ones as the factors of mileage are very low with the petrol brands. Hence there could be an increase in selling of diesel cars. But if an automobile company introduces a new vehicle with LPG Engine it could move at a faster rate than the diesel cars which would have a good turnout in the year. As LPG cars give more mileage which is twice of both the means of fuel and it has less corroding effects on engine and it makes less amount of pollution to the surroundings.

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    Thats ok. What about the mileage gap between the Diesel Vechicles and Petrol powered vechicles..? We have to look the performance factors also..

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    I dont find much difference in mileage between those two fuels.Mileage is nothing but how much we are benefitted for our money per litre of a fuel.Here money matters, not the performance or mileage.

    For Eg) Let a vehicle give 3km mileage.I will never bother about mileage if the price per litre of that fuel is Rs.5, but will really think of so called mileage when the price per litre is Rs.70

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    yes definitely, there will be more demand for disel vehicles than petrol vehicles but when that situation will come then petrol price will decrease cause many peoples would own disel vehicles and there will be a increasing rate of disel.
    Bhisma Narayan Rout
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