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    We start with Question and Answers, because the board exams are nearing:-

    Q1)What would have happened, if Rajni was born 150 years ago?
    Ans:The British would have fought for Independence.

    Q2)What is solar eclipse?
    Ans:When Rajni stares at the Sun in anger, the sun hides behind the moon, and this phenomena is known as Solar eclipse.

    Q3)How Goole was born?
    Ans:One day Rajni woke up and decided to share one percentage of his knowledge with the world, the Google born.

    Q4)Why Rajni refused to do the flim "Mission Imposible"?
    Ans: Because he found the title insulting him.

    Q5)When do earthquakes occur?
    Ans: When Rajni's mobile is on vibration.

    Q6)What would be climax, if Rajni would have acted in "Titanic"?
    Ans: Rajni swims across the Atlantic Ocean with the Heroine in one hand and..the Titanic in other!

    Q7)Why ISRO does not have rockets with them?
    Ans: Because, Rajni brought all the rockets for "DIWALI"!!!

    8)Why did Rajni buy an acre of land with four well in each corner?
    Ans: To play Carrom!!!

    9) How and when the IIT was started in India?
    Ans:When Rajni did his KG in different schools, it becameIIT.

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